We Buy Houses, Repair Them, and Sell Them – A Great Way to Make Money Fast

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When We Buy Houses, we often don’t have the foresight to pick the correct location. We often fall in love with a lovely home without ever considering whether it is suitable for us. Sometimes you can rent a place, but you usually buy a house when things aren’t going so well. Then you start to worry about selling, and if you can’t sell it, then what?

Most Real Estate agents will tell you that you need to use whatever means necessary to close a deal when you sell a home in this economy. They will tell you that you should get creative and advertise extensively, use “urgency” to get the attention of potential buyers, and use multiple streams of marketing to make sure the media hear about your offer. But many of the best Selling House tips focus on one fundamental truth: less is more. When selling, it is imperative to keep the listing streamlined and straightforward. Unfortunately, more homes are being listed for sale than are being lived in.

In this crazy real estate market, we buy houses that look like an oasis in the desert for the sole purpose of living in them year-round. Or we look for homes that we can buy in an area that has low home-foreclosure rates, yet we know we cannot afford to live in those homes indefinitely. And, of course, some fall into a little of all-cash homeownership traps. They know they won’t flip their houses in two years, but they still want to live in that house.

I’m talking about the ones who list their houses “as is.” Those who don’t take the time to check the property over have no idea if there are any issues with the house or even how much they will need to pay for it to sell. The amazing thing is these sellers often get more offers than the wholesalers they’re trying to keep away. They have a higher profit margin, because they are selling something that doesn’t need any repairs. Now we have to deal with the structural problems, which may not be their fault, or the homeowner’s fault, but who’s going to take on that risk?

It’s hard to blame these buyers, really. These are the same buyers who scour over listings daily, looking for that perfect deal. So imagine the blind eye, they have to throw at themselves when they are buying these houses. We buy houses thinking they need fixing up or they have to come up with the money to do it. But then they see the list of repairs and suddenly, their view of buying a home completely changes.

That is why wholesalers rule the market today. Real estate wholesaling companies buy houses, repair them, and then resell them for a profit. They do not engage in a traditional open house sale, where they tell everyone about the repairs and tell them they will beat any offer they get. A traditional sale is a buyer’s market, where the sellers are trying to get their price. The only difference is the market is set at a fair market value, which is what these wholesalers play up to.

If the seller has the nerve to charge too much money for the repairs, the buyer has a choice. They can walk away, or they can list the property with a realtor, telling them they will fix anything that needs fixing up. There is no reason to put the property on the market if they have the option to sell it for more money than the actual value. Then they get a fair market price, and everyone wins.

That is why it is critical to find an estate wholesaler today. It can make the home selling easier. The wholesaler will make sure repairs are made before listing the house, so no one needs to worry about paying for the repairs. They will also make it easier to list the home fast so buyers can quickly purchase it. If you are ready to sell your own home fast, then this may be the solution you were looking for.